“THE MAIDA LONDON” was a collaboration with architectural firm Dimorestudio in Milan (Italy). Hand-decorated wainscoting on black lacquer ink background. Flower ornament with gold leaf details and matte finish.
A new space was created in Maida’s conservatory, all hand-decorated with strong oriental references on black background.


In “SLOANE STREET FENDI” we poured all our artisan skills.
The walls were covered with gold leaf and chinese lacquer, then hand-decorated with heavy lines and geometric lights to reproduce natural sceneries.
We used a special technique to realize the lacquer, a treatment to enhance decoration’s details.


“FENDI MONTECARLO” was a Dimorestudio’s idea we participated in.
On the boutique wall we used goat parchment panels with hand-decorations.
 The green and dark ink colours are used on the parchment to create a unique oriental-like scenery. The hand-made decoration presents no imperfections and lots of details.


“LEO’S CLUB LONDON” it’s a decorating job for an original and exclusive private club.
 It was an oriental bamboo tent, build with cylinders and lacquer coated. The decoration is completely hand-made, with attention to every detail of the design: brass details give the surreal scenery an antique touch.
 Lacquer and colours add energy, with a matte finish.


“PARIGI DIMORA” was a client’s idea, inspired by his love for materials.
We realized a series of panels representing nature in all its original colours. We decorated with coloured lacquers and amber coat, creating an oriental-like decoration on gold leaf base.
Materials and the spacial manual treatments on the panels give the room a personal touch inside a place of historical importance.
 The finish technique is still the same as in the past: manually done, with many layers.


“LE MATERIE” is a continuous collaboration with an historic company in Meda (Italy).
 We create furniture and panels with original elements, chalk reliefs on panels of pigmented resin. We create shutters on luxury furniture with straw inserts designing geometric figures. All of our creations result in an original object and that is what we do with our artisan skills.


This project was realized in collaboration with Studio Dimore and completed together with the maison Christian Dior Paris.
This delicate decoration was created for the Dubai Mall shop using marbles and brass to give a unique touch to the boutique’s space.
The embroidery was made with tulle and silk and realized with textile relief giving the flower a more natural look. The decoration is embroided with brass details to make it a unique piece, and gold and silver strands put the accent on this depiction of nature.