Atelier Frigerio Mirva, in collaboration with Fabio Santambrogio, presents Nympha, the first collection of decorative objects from the Atelier. Santambrogio’s design idea was born from experimenting with a particular dyed straw made in France, which gives color, movement, and preciousness to designer furniture, fitting into a particular concept of luxury given by the high craftsmanship itself.

The natural material is revisited in a contemporary way, generating a series of limited-edition products such as coffee tables and side tables.
Thanks to the creative design of Fabio Santambrogio, the unique pieces of the collection lend themselves to different customizations.
The collection will expand to include screens and mirrors.


Cylindrical base with straw slats in two colors.
Brass metal top with engraved graphic.

Sizes: Ø100 H40


Base with two-color triangular prismatic elements.
Top with radial gradient in two colors.

Sizes: Ø46 H50


Base covered in natural straw cylinders.
Stopsol glass top with custom graphics.

Sizes: Ø100 H40


Base in two colours, iridescent metallic finish.
Top in off-center radial straw covering.

Sizes: Ø45 H50

The unique pieces of the collection take inspiration from the Nymphe. Each piece represents a Nympha in its finishes, details and characteristics.
The finish of the Iade top recalls the rain that rests on the ground. Eliade brings you towards the sun with its gradient coloring. Telea, with its shapes, recalls nature taking inspiration from trees. Asteria, with its shape and color, makes you look towards the stars.

“This project is a shining example of the power of skillful tailoring to elevate the natural elegance of straw.”