Nympha, creativity and design

The Frigerio Mirva Atelier presents Nympha, the first collection of decorative objects that comes from experimenting with the alternative use of straw, a natural material that gives color, movement and character to design furniture and the world of luxury. The objects of the Nympha collection will amaze you thanks to the uniqueness of the use of the material and its reinterpretation. A continuous research that of the Atelier, which thanks to the hands of its skilled craftsmen, brings an always renewed vision in all the finishes it offers. The single piece cared for by expert hands becomes a precious element that can make the difference in private furnishing contexts, in shops and in exhibitions. The collection, presented exclusively at Fuori Salone 2023, is available to give character and originality to the most exclusive settings.

The Frigerio Mirva Atelier, based in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, offers highly customized finishes and processes. Each object, each finish is unique and is made with meticulous attention to detail. From the processing of gold leaves, to decoration up to straw: these are just a few examples of the opportunities that the Atelier offers its customers.

Atelier Frigerio Mirva in collaboration with the CFP Terragni of Meda

“Art goes beyond the limits within which time would like to compress it, and indicates the content of the future.” Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky

Looking towards the future, with new leaps and creativity, this is a characteristic figure of the Frigerio Mirva Atelier which has always been committed to creating new opportunities for young people in the area and beyond. From this orientation was born the choice to involve the CFP Terragni of Meda and to create with the students of the Institute a unique work that synthesizes the artisan know-how and the desire to give life to something new and unique.

The Atelier has opened its doors to 10 young students involving them in the creation of an exhibition panel, handcrafted through the use and reinterpretation of straw.

The panel represents a real artistic process recalling the work Deepened Impulse by Wassily Kandinsky. The students worked with dedication and care, confirming the trust that the Atelier has in the new generations and in its willingness to be an active part in passing on that artisan knowledge which is made up of history, passion and competence. A continuity that is also hope and opportunity in acquiring the skills of a job that is imbued with value and that can give a glimpse of a working future in these uncertain times.

The Atelier thanks the students who collaborated one by one; your support, commitment and desire to learn has been a great teaching as well as a concrete help. A special thanks goes to the teachers and the Headmaster who understood and made the collaboration possible. The work was exhibited in the space of the Atelier Frigerio Mirva in Corso Garibaldi, 46, from 17 to 23 April on the occasion of the Atelier’s participation in the Brera Design Week – Fuori Salone 2023.


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